ALLIE- plus size DIY ootd!

01 13 17

LOOK GUYS, I made another thing. I enjoyed making that green crop top so much that I wanted to try my hand at a duster jacket. Side note: If I ever decide to work with velvet again, please punch me in the face.

I just, really love sewing! I’m so excited that I’ve found a ‘thing’. I mean, fashion has always been my ‘thing’ but making patterns and sewing clothes is a little more specific, ya know? Not that I’m good enough to do it as a job, I’ve just started and it’s obviously just a hobby, but 24/7 all I want to do is sit at my desk, listen to an audiobook and sew. Unless I’m eating cake or something and then I’m pretty invested in the moment.

If anyone wants to know how I made the pattern, I just took a sweater that fits me loosely, laid it on the velvet fabric and lengthened it when I cut (and cut the front in half, obviously). I traced the sleeves onto the fabric as well and just sewed down the middle of the back for more structure. I added faux fur letters that I cut out and that’s it. I highly suggest checking out WithWendy on YouTube- her sewing tutorials are amazing (she she’s from Toronto like me!)

Skirt- Rue107 (similar)

Shoes (kind of a Celine vibe no??)- Asos

Crop Top- Asos but I looked EVERYWHERE online and I couldn’t find anything similar I’m sorry I’ve failed you all

Bag- Marc Jacobs


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