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UKYS- the Custom Shirt App

12 02 16

img_3342We’ve got something a little different over here in Vagina Central today! I was recently contacted by UKYS, a newly launched app that allows men to order a perfectly fitting, customized dress shirt in about 5 minutes- no measuring required. Since I clearly am not a man, I asked (read: forced) my boyfriend to be a part of this- and get a free shirt in the process! (I was sent the shirt for free, but all my words and opinions are my own.)

My boyfriend is a stubborn fella who HATES having his picture taken. He also did not think the shirt would fit him- he has a bit of a difficult body shape. Nonetheless he slipped on some spandex, posed for photos, picked what he wanted his shirt to look like, and about a week later it arrived in the mail. Before I let you know how it fit him, I’ll quickly go through the really cool and simple process. Side note: it would make a really fantastic affordable Christmas gift for dads, brothers, boyfriends, or anyone willing to pose for the required photos.

img_3354Firstly (oh god university essay writing flashbacks): you choose the colour and pattern of the shirt you want- there are currently 22 to choose from, and they’re all made from 100% Egyptian Cotton ranging from $69 to $89 which, in reality, is cheaper than a lot of non customizable dress shirts. Then you pick your fit: Slim, Tailored, or Standard. You then choose between 6 types of collar styles. The different options available to you throughout the process allow you to make your shirt casual or dressier.

img_3361You choose from 7 shirt cuff options (the buttons are all made from mother of pearl), and you choose whether or not you want a front pocket.

img_3365You finally pick between shirt length and trim, and YOU’RE DONE. Except for the photo taking. That was my boyfriend’s favourite part. If you’re not a complainey baby, it’s really quite quick and painless. They show you what clothes to wear and how to stand/position your phone camera.

img_3369 img_3374Pro tips: 

-Actually stand 10 feet away from your phone. If your positioning is off, you’ll have to redo it. 

-The lighting doesn’t have to be perfect like in that rich man’s spacious fancy bedroom: we did it in our apartment hallway, at night, with artificial lighting. 

-Lock away all your cats and dogs. They will become very interested in wtf you are doing, thus being in all your shots, forcing you to redo the process. 

-The app is not yet compatible with iPhone 7, which I have. Luckily, I still had my old iPhone 6 kickin around, so I just downloaded the app onto that bad boy. The app works with most smartphones.

-Don’t worry if you haven’t showered in four days: the app blurs your face so no one ever sees it, and your photos are deleted right after the aPp SpEcIaLiStS take your measurements from them.

You do about 5 different poses, photos are taken with a timer on your phone, and that is it my friends.

img_3079 img_3081 img_3076

My boyfriend opted for a more casual shirt, since he doesn’t have a fancy office job and we rarely go to any fancy shirt-tucking tie-wearing events. We do often go to nice dinners and not-too-dressy events though, where this shirt would be perfect. Like I mentioned, he hates trying on clothes, and he tends to have trouble finding clothes that fit him really well so he was convinced this shirt would be the same. As soon as he put it on, his whole demeanor changed; he felt and looked really, really good. The shirt was SO soft, comfortable, and well-made.

img_3137 img_3248 img_3259 img_3269 img_3292 img_3314 img_3280

Overall, we’re both thoroughly impressed with both the process and the result. Thank you to UKYS for reaching out to me and a big high five for making my stubborn boyfriend eat his words.




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