Silk Duster- plus size ootd

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Note to self: Iron silk before wearing it, you dumb butthole. I’m normally not a fan of this baby barf green colour (Pantone Colour of the Year 2018, Baby Barf Green, calling it now. It’s officially trademarked by me, sorry). I really love the embroidery on the back though- reminds me of my Grandma and Papa’s house. They had towels and tablecloths and napkins and a million other things with delicate embroideries on them from THE OLD COUNTRY (Ukraine).

plussize-silk-jacket plussize-silk-jacket img_5091img_5092 plussize-silk-jacket plussize-silk-jacket

Christmas is so close! It’s my favourite holiday and I just love seeing lights everywhere and the trees at malls (Toronto has a 108 foot Christmas tree this year, the tallest in the world so take that, New York). Once Christmas is over us Canadians have to face 4 months of non stop snow, cold, and slush so I’m definitely not looking forward to that. It doesn’t usually snow before Christmas here, but we had a little storm last night so the city is preeeetty white right now. By white I mean grey and brown because of dirt and cars etc. (I took these photos last week when it was still quite balmy.)

Jacket- Boohoo (similar here)

Jumpsuit- also Boohoo 

Shoes- Zara (they have faux fur on the inside a la Gucci and are SUPER comfy)

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