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Frosty the Snowman

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Welp, merry.. belated Christmas. I was originally going to post this look before the holidays BUT ONE OF MY CATS ormaybethedog CHEWED THROUGH MY MACBOOK CHARGER, SO. This dress is from Boohoo and I just thought it was the freaking cutest thing ever and of course it’s now like, less than half the price I paid. Cool.

Hope everyone had a very merry whatever you celebrate xo

Boots- Asos (similar)

Coat- New Look (similar)


Blend & Boost- Skincare Review

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note: I was given the cream to try for free but all opinions/words are my own. also, all the before/after photos are completely unedited except for brightness and contrast.

tldr: pros and cons at the bottom 🙂

In October I was contacted by Blend and Boost, a customizable skincare brand. They only make one product: Moisturizer. The claim, however, is that it’s a moisturizer, serum, primer, and eye cream all in one because of the specific customized ‘boosters’ they add to the base. With winter coming up, I thought it would be a great opportunity to try something new on my very dry/combination skin.

I headed over to meet with Chris, who does PR for the company. We sat down and chatted about the brand, my skin, and what I’m looking for in a moisturizer. I then took an online quiz and my cream was on it’s way to me.

Their product is really clever- it’s a cream base (there are 5 different varieties based on your skin concerns like sensitive, oily, anti-aging, etc) and 13 different ‘boosters’- like serums with added benefits (they choose a maximum of 3 to add to your solution). Since I’m almost 27, and the media is telling me I should be terrified of getting old and saggy with every passing day, I decided on an anti-aging base. (Actually, to be fair, the company chose it for me based on my quiz results- but more on that in a bit.) I was pretty stoked because my main concerns right now, and what I was aiming to target with this customized cream, are dryness, redness, large pores and fine lines/general skin puffiness. I was expecting to be able to choose my cream base and my boosters, since no one knows my skin better than I do- but it turns out that the company chooses everything for you based on your quiz results. This disappointed me a bit because the boosters I was REALLY looking forward to trying didn’t end up in my final solution. The Defensil-Plus and the Telangyn Solution, for example, are two boosters that are proven to reduce redness, rosacea, and improve skin elasticity and hydration. However, neither of these ended up in my cream even though they basically cover everything I’m looking for. In addition, I ended up with a Light Anti-Aging Cream Base when I think the Rich Anti-Aging Cream Base would’ve been better for my skin since it’s winter and I tend to get bad dry patches.

blendandboostLA(b) refers to my Light Anti-Aging base, which claims to reduce the appearance of fine lines, smooth skin texure, and provide a youthful radiant glow~~. It’s 94% natural, which I really appreciate, and contains aloe, vitamin E, acai, and hyaluronic acid (The other 4 bases will have different claims and ingredients). 5-3 refers to the two boosters they included in my cream: 5 is Snap-8 Solution C, a Botulinium toxin-inspired topical peptide. It’s basically meant to compliment and prolong the effects of Botox, which I do get once or twice a year. 3 is Hyaluronic MLSpheres which is, again, a booster to “compliment dermal filler injections and micro-needling”. So in the end, I received a light anti-aging cream base with two boosters designed to help with fine lines and prolong my Botox results. However, if I were able to choose my own solution, I would’ve chosen a different base with completely different boosters. I think it would be much better for them to suggest a solution for you when you’re done your quiz, but let you pick your own options, rather than picking everything for you.

Nonetheless, I was excited to test it out and I have been using the moisturizer every single night for a little over a month now. I’ll share some before and afters with ya.


b45This little smile line that has been getting progressively deeper and more noticeable the older I get. MY ABSOLUTE FAVOURITE is when foundation gets stuck in it and it makes it look all crusty and cakey and beautiful. This is not one of the places I get Botox, because I’m a big baby and it would hurt, so I was interested to see if the use of an anti-aging cream would help.

b51My forehead is pretty much the only place I get Botox, both for hyperhydrosis and wrinkle-related reasons. Also it doesn’t hurt there at all. I had it done about a month before this photo was taken, which is why my forehead is basically a scary marble statue with limited expression lines.

b46The most annoying part of my skin in my opinion: large pores and cheek redness. If I was able to choose, I would’ve picked boosters that would help with those areas. However, there are fine lines and puffiness around my eye, which I was hoping my boosters would help with, since that’s what they’re meant for.

b49The last of my skin concerns: large pores/puffiness/lack of elasticity on my forehead between my eyes. I have a lot of excess skin there that will probably require a face lift when I’m old (If you can’t tell, I’m a big fan of cosmetic surgery and plan to have a lot of it when I’m older. If you’re not- that’s okay too! These are just opinions about my own life and my own skin.)

After a month of using the cream religiously every night after cleansing (I rarely wash my face in the morning), I did see some results. I didn’t change any of the products I normally use just to minimize the variables, which are:

img_3539murad skin smoothing polish; neutrogena pore refining cleanser; first aid beauty intensive peel mask once a week; glossier mega greens mask twice a week; and origins drink-up intensive moisture mask on dry spots as needed. note: i’ve been using this origins mask as a night-time moisturizer for years and it’s really saved my dry skin.


img_3549Holy shit! There’s a huge difference in my smile line. It’s basically non-existent now and I find my foundation looks so much smoother around my mouth area. However, there is a tiny dry patch on my cheek- I get dry patches every time I don’t use a super thick moisturizer, so I wasn’t at all surprised.

img_3559The pores on my forehead actually do look a little bit smaller, and I think my expression lines are actually less noticeable than in the before photo, even though the duration between this photo and when I got Botox is longer.

img_3550I definitely think there’s been a small improvement in my eye-puffiness, specifically on the outer area. I do have another small dry patch on my cheek though, from using a thinner cream for a month. img_3571In general though, I do think my eye area looks less puffy and I do think my skin in general looks more glowy.

img_3553I didn’t see too much improvement in the texture/elasticity of the skin between my eyes on my forehead, but I’ll continue to use the cream and see what happens.


-I did see a noticeable improvement in elasticity, fine lines, and wrinkles in certain areas

-The bottle has a pump which I love because sticking my fingers in a jar of moisturizer grosses me the eff out

-The bottle is also lock-able and a brown colour, which prevents sunlight from changing the product composition over time. Fun Fact, I learned that from beer bottles.

-The process was easy and honestly quite fun, mostly because I love talking about myself and taking personal quizzes

-It arrives super quickly: on the website it says 48 hours after you take the quiz. Mine arrived in about 4 days, which I still have no complaints about.

-Everything is over 90% natural, includes peptides and antioxidants, and all the ingredients are paraben-free, fragrance-free and gluten free. I like feeling good about what’s going on my skin.

-Takes up so much less room on your counter/good for travel: it’s 3 products in 1, so you don’t need an eye cream or serum.


-The biggest one: you can’t choose your own ingredients. Since this cream did work so well on my fine lines, I would have LOVED to see the boosters meant for pores/redness work on my skin.

-You have to order through a health-care practitioner, dermatologist or skincare expert; you can’t just do the quiz online and order it yourself.

-I’m sure there’s a good reason for it, but you can only get a maximum of 3 boosters in your cream, and I only got 2 in mine.

-The bottle is completely opaque; you can’t see through it at all, so you don’t know when you’re out of product.

Those are honestly all the cons I can think of? Overall I would give it 4 out of 5 stars, since I did enjoy the cream and what it was meant for. I would definitely consider purchasing a bottle when I run out of my current one, and tweak my survey answers a bit to make sure I get the base/boosters I’m looking for.

Thank you so much to Blend and Boost, Chris, and Blend PR for reaching out and for the opportunity to try some really good skincare.


Silk Duster

12 13 16

plussize-silk-jacket plussize-silk-jacket plussize-silk-jacket img_5091img_5092 plussize-silk-jacket plussize-silk-jacket

Note to self: Iron silk before wearing it, you dumb butthole. I’m normally not a fan of this baby barf green colour (Pantone Colour of the Year 2018, Baby Barf Green, calling it now. It’s officially trademarked by me, sorry). I really love the embroidery on the back though- reminds me of my Grandma and Papa’s house. They had towels and tablecloths and napkins and a million other things with delicate embroideries on them from THE OLD COUNTRY (Ukraine).

Christmas is so close! It’s my favourite holiday and I just love seeing lights everywhere and the trees at malls (Toronto has a 108 foot Christmas tree this year, the tallest in the world so take that, New York). Once Christmas is over us Canadians have to face 4 months of non stop snow, cold, and slush so I’m definitely not looking forward to that. It doesn’t usually snow before Christmas here, but we had a little storm last night so the city is preeeetty white right now. By white I mean grey and brown because of dirt and cars etc. (I took these photos last week when it was still quite balmy.)

Jacket- Boohoo (similar here)

Jumpsuit- also Boohoo 

Shoes- Zara (they have faux fur on the inside a la Gucci and are SUPER comfy)


I made this shirt!!!

12 09 16

plussize-shirt img_5435 img_5437 plussize-shirt-diy plussize-shirt-diy plussize-shirt-diy img_5444 plussize-shirt-diy plussize-shirt-diyAre you guys proud of me?! I made the pattern myself, bought some fabric, then sewed it all!! It’s the first thing I’ve ever reeeeally made that was actually wearable. Look at that COLLAR and those flawless seams~~ One of the arm hems is a little wonky but WHATEVER OKAY.

The boots I got from a Black Friday sale at Old fucking Navy. I’m seriously shocked at how stylish, comfortable and well-fitting they are. Old Nav conTINUES TO SURPRISE ME. Fun fact: I worked there for like two days when I was 19. I absolutely hated it and just stopped showing up for my shifts- it took them literally three months to realize I had stopped coming in. They called me on Christmas Eve and left a message like, “Hey! Just wondering where you are, you’re scheduled for today!” and I was like ……I have not set foot in your store since August but, alright. ANYWAY, they fit my wide feet really nicely and actually have a TON of room left at my ankles (which never happens because, well, of my fat ankles). They were also like $20.

Pants- Lane Bryant

Bag- Mackage