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The Sleep Shirt- plus size sleepwear

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Two posts in a row with Erica! This one is sponsored by The Sleep Shirt, a high end sleepwear brand (also found on net-a-porter). They contacted us because they decided to expand their brand into the plus size world- something I’m always down for.

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The fabric (made from high quality Japanese cotton) is soft, durable, and machine washable- everything is designed and made in Vancouver (yay fellow Canadians). This explains the high price tag- it’s not your regular Walmart sleep shirt (which I admit is also hanging in my closet). This is something you can wear for years and never need to replace; the owner, Alexandra (we are name twins yay), told us she had two on rotation and they lasted her five years. It’s also designed to be something you can wear outside of the bedroom- when Erica left my house, she just wore this as a top with jeans and it looked really cute.

The Plus line is comprised of several colours, but only has one size. It’s meant to fit oversized on a 2x. To get an idea, I’m an 18/2x and Erica is a 20/22/3x. It fit us both extremely comfortably even though we have very different body shapes (Inverted triangle! Pear! I hate when people compare fat bodies to fruit and inanimate objects!!!)

Their prices range from $160-$318 (Canadian prices- much cheaper if you’re in America). If you’re looking to spend that much for a Christmas gift, I’d say this would be a good option for family members like moms or mother in-laws, aunts, uncles?, or a co-worker you really like. It comes wrapped really nicely in a box, very much like an expensive formal dress shirt (it’s folded all fancy and it’s got the plastic ring in the collar- all very technical terms here). We were given a discount code for our readers; use the code SLEEPPRETTY until December 20th to save 20%. AND- the one Erica is wearing is now on sale.

Hope y’all liked our christmas catalog-y photoshoot. xo

4 thoughts on “The Sleep Shirt- plus size sleepwear

  1. Delaney

    OkAY FIRST OF ALL you two are foxy as hell. Second, I’m obsessed with these shirts. Working on becoming independently wealthy so I can do nothing but lounge in an expansively luxurious bed with this on all day lonnnnnnng.


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