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Outfits - Sponsored

The Sleep Shirt

11 29 16

img_4813 img_4810 img_4820 img_4827 img_4828 img_4834 img_4835 img_4847 img_4851 img_4853 img_4864 img_4868 img_4869 img_4876 img_4877 img_4882 img_4879 img_4886img_3068 img_3069

Two posts in a row with Erica! This one is sponsored by The Sleep Shirt, a high end sleepwear brand (also found on net-a-porter). They contacted us because they decided to expand their brand into the plus size world- something I’m always down for. The fabric (made from high quality Japanese cotton) is soft, durable, and machine washable- everything is designed and made in Vancouver (yay fellow Canadians). This explains the high price tag- it’s not your regular Walmart sleep shirt (which I admit is also hanging in my closet). This is something you can wear for years and never need to replace; the owner, Alexandra (we are name twins yay), told us she had two on rotation and they lasted her five years. It’s also designed to be something you can wear outside of the bedroom- when Erica left my house, she just wore this as a top with jeans and it looked really cute.

The Plus line is comprised of several colours, but only has one size. It’s meant to fit oversized on a 2x. To get an idea, I’m an 18/2x and Erica is a 20/22/3x. It fit us both extremely comfortably even though we have very different body shapes (Inverted triangle! Pear! I hate when people compare fat bodies to fruit and inanimate objects!!!)

Their prices range from $160-$318 (Canadian prices- much cheaper if you’re in America). If you’re looking to spend that much for a Christmas gift, I’d say this would be a good option for family members like moms or mother in-laws, aunts, uncles?, or a co-worker you really like. It comes wrapped really nicely in a box, very much like an expensive formal dress shirt (it’s folded all fancy and it’s got the plastic ring in the collar- all very technical terms here). We were given a discount code for our readers; use the code SLEEPPRETTY until December 20th to save 20%. AND- the one Erica is wearing is now on sale.

Hope y’all liked our christmas catalog-y photoshoot. xo


On The List

11 23 16

img_4012 img_4013 img_4018 img_4021 img_4026  img_4029 img_4030 img_4031 img_4057 img_4067 img_4071 img_4063

HO HO MOTHERFUCKERS, it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. Erica and I decided on a Sparkly Christmas party-themed shoot since it’s been chilly as heck. (To be fair, it was 70 degrees for most of November but it’s been snowing nonstop for the past few days so !!!!!!! feelin festive af guys!!)

I briiiieeeefly touched on this capelet in my October Events post, but it’s great and it’s made of sequins and it has lettering on the back and it’s from asos and it’s sold out. sry. But I definitely suggest capelets in general for the season! Especially because this one isn’t plus size. They tend to be so generously sized that pretty much anyone can wear one. They can also totally change the look of an outfit (like this boring black dress that I later discovered is a tunic and meant to be worn with leggings but like.. no.)

Dress/tunic: H&M‘s embarrassing small boring plus size section (H& does ship to Canada now though!!!! actually quite exciting)

Capelet: asos (other options here and here and here)

Shoes: asos (I find them really comfy because of the cutouts on the inside of the foot)

Choker: Forever 21 (Really loving deep green velvet lately which is so unlike me but I’m just going to roll with it)

xxx kisses from both of us and until next time from me!



Hilary Macmillan

11 17 16

img_3869 img_3871 img_3875 img_3862 img_3874 img_3878 img_3883 img_3890 img_3891 img_3898

I titled this post the way I did because the star of the outfit is definitely this Hilary Macmillan vest. She’s a Canadian designer, and I absolutely love supporting Canadian brands (that also happen to be 100% cruelty free). The FW16 line, where this is from, only goes up to a Large, which is what I bought. It fits totally fine, and I’m normally an 18 on top. I find open vests to be quite forgiving.

This jumpsuit was also worn in this post back in September (god damnit I was so tan- now I’m a pasty slice of wonderbread). It was out of stock for quite a while but it’s back in stock now! I highly suggest it. I want to wear it every day. It’s comfy and chic and stylish. You need someone to undo the zipper whenever you have to pee but WHATEVER. It also comes with a tie for the waist, which you can see in the last post I wore it.

Boots are from here. They’re not wide fit so I got them in a US 10 (I’m normally a 9) and they’re a tad tight but still doable. I couldn’t walk to work in them but I could wear them to an event for a few hours. (Similar here, here, and a similar wide fit version here and here– I love that last pair more than anything but I just cannot do the heel I’m afraid).

Kenzo clutch is from Nordstrom- I went to the opening gala for the new Toronto location (first location in Canada!), got really open-bar drunk, and accidentally bought this.

Choker is just the shoelace from my new pair of pink Keds!

My next post will be a lil more holiday-y so stay tuned, friendos.



Simply Be: Holiday Heels

11 12 16

Disclaimer: this is a sponsored post, but all words and opinions are my own/written by me.

Okay, so, I have really wide feet. I jealous-ly (not a word, ok, whatever) scroll through my go-to websites when shoe shopping, bypassing amazing heels and booties until I find something, anything, with ‘WIDE FIT’ written underneath the thumbnail. Sometimes if I really love something in a regular fit, I’ll take my chances and buy it in a size or two bigger to accommodate my ~foot girth~, but it’s never a guarantee.

There are VERY few websites that have cute wide fit shoes (or even ugly wide fit shoes- ANY WIDE FIT SHOES) and Simply Be is one of them. They even have different types of wide fit! Their sizes vary from 2 to 12, and their widths vary from C (narrow) and D (standard) to EEE (quite wide), with E and EE in between. They have amazing wide-calf winter boots, flats, booties that actually fit my cankles, and holiday heels. I’ll be giving you guys a lil run-down on my favourite heels in this post, but check out their other shoe sections as well.

Side note: I’m obsessed with the Vogue Runway (previously app. It gives you photos, videos, and reviews of runway shows from different designers and fashion weeks around the world. When Simply Be contacted me about doing a post about my favourite holiday heels from their site, I thought it would be fun to find shoes on the Vogue Runway app and compare them to styles by Simply Be, as an “affordable versions of runway fashion” type of thing. All looks are from F/W 2016 shows, so they’re pretty current because we are, now, in Fall/Winter 2016. So, without further ado, HERE ARE SOME AFFORDABLE VERSIONS OF RUNWAY FASHIONS FOR THE HOLIDAYS. Most of the shoes can be found here, though I included individual links.

img_3534 screen-shot-2016-11-09-at-10-52-11-pm

I’m always a fan of ankle straps when I wear heels- it stops my (inevitably sweaty) foot from sliding around everywhere and it makes it way easier to walk. Low-ish, chunky heels are also the best for comfort- add some glitter and I’m sold. Pair a gold pair of strappy peep toe heels (PREFERABLY GLITTERY LIKE THESE BECAUSE DUH) with a navy dress like Elie Saab did on the runway and you’re holiday party ready.

img_3538 img_3553 img_3822screen-shot-2016-11-09-at-10-42-52-pm

A pair of pointed toe plain black pumps are so so versatile- wear them with dresses and fun christmassy pantyhose, or pantsuits in matching black or a contrasting white (#pantsuits #imwithher #dumptrump). I’m actually pretty against shoes in general that are rounded toe, which most wide fit shoes are. I don’t understand how difficult it is to make wide fit shoes with a POINTED FREAKING TOE. So these pumps are perfect and I love them. (Runway looks by Schiaparelli, Balenciaga, and Marni).


screen-shot-2016-11-09-at-10-45-21-pmSpeaking of pumps: this lower, chunky-heeled green alligator-y skin version (official technical title) is the coolest and I’m buying them immediately. Even though I’m primarily a pastel/neutral wearer and bright colours frighten me, I’ve been really into deep greens lately. If you look at all the F/W16 runways, dark green animal skin print is huge and everywhere (shown here by Balmain). Pair it with some red for a super Chrstmassy vibe or pair it with some pastels like a pale pink, which I’m going to do, for a cool contrast.

img_3546 screen-shot-2016-11-09-at-10-46-23-pmMORE PUMPS, but gold this time. Gold/Silver just scream “It’s the Holidays” to me, and I like to get it out of my system during Christmastime. Ashish is one of my favourite designers, so if you want to be really out there, pair these with a gold holographic jumpsuit- or a plain black dress if you’re feeling more Holiday Party and less Runway.

img_3560 screen-shot-2016-11-09-at-10-49-56-pmI find mules to be a really popular choice this season, and these are the first ones I’ve seen in a wider fit. I’ve been loving mules for ages but I knew that that long piece of leather would never stretch enough to fit the width of my foot, so I’m so happy these exist. Shown here at the Erdem show, you could wear them with other silver accents for a more glam look; but I would also wear them with plain boyfriend jeans, a tshirt, and a long duster coat.

img_3564 screen-shot-2016-11-12-at-4-59-08-pmHi sorry but these Simply Be heels are basically identical to these Gucci ones and approximately eight million dollars less. A slightly higher-heeled and glitzy version of the first pair on this list, I would again wear them with a party dress for the holidays (navy, black, red- any colour, really), Or with trousers and a long coat like at Gucci. I’ve also been seeing the socks-with-heels trend happening a lot which I fully support. It gives you a chance to wear your peep-toe heels while still keeping your toes warm. And hiding your gross winter toenails from the world. Maybe that’s just me.

img_3679 screen-shot-2016-11-10-at-6-03-32-pm(Preferably faux) fur/feathers are something that I have been a big fan of since always. I grew up in the Spice Girls/Lisa Frank era so I feel like it’s just part of my identity, really. IT’S WHO I AM. I’ll be wearing feathers when I’m 90. Shown here at Sonia Rykiel and again by Simply Be, the latter pair is just as trendy and way more affordable.

img_3567 screen-shot-2016-11-09-at-10-55-28-pmNot quite an exact match, but I think the Simply Be pair is a little more ‘Holiday’ than the Lanvin pair anyway. I love little crystals on anything, especially shoes, and I’m again a huge fan of ankle straps and pointed toes. I personally would avoid wearing these with anything too flashy (nothing else metallic or glittery) just to keep the focus on the shoes. You could go really casual with boyfriend jeans (I wouldn’t wear them with skinny jeans but that’s just my opinion!) or fancier with a midi skirt or nice high-waisted trousers.

img_3823 screen-shot-2016-11-12-at-5-03-19-pmAlthough I love the gold pair by Monique Lhuillier, this black pair is probably more versatile. T-bar shoes are great for foot support and they’re super cute and trendy. Since this pair is black, you could go a little bolder than the model in the photo above: a sequin mini dress (awesome for New Years), a long dress or maxi skirt with fun detailing like lace or shimmer, or you could wear them with socks, trousers and a winter jacket like at the show. I think they’d even look really cool with a parka- a good mix of sporty and fancy.

THAT’S IT FOR ME. Thank so much to Simply Be for reaching out to me and be sure to check out their Holiday Heel selection.