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It was unseasonably warm last week, so I took a little walk over to Crown Flora studio on Queen West last weekend. I “”””needed to buy some succulents””””” aka I really just wanted to take photos in front of their pink wall. (Still bought the succulents though.)

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This jacket!!!!!! Tuesday Bassen made this illustration and sold it on society6 back in… 2012? 2013? Anyway, I had it hanging on the wall in my old apartment for years so when I had the chance to snag the ACTUAL JACKET from the illustration that she just started selling, I jumped on it. The best part is that it goes up to a 3x!!! Bless her soul for making a line of clothes that goes from XS-3X. I wish more retailers would do this. I’m sorry, but all I want is to be able to buy skinny person clothes… just in bigger sizes. Just because I’m fat doesn’t mean I want a shitty quality tshirt with ‘Live Love Laugh’ written on it or black leggings with a lace trim at the bottom (because black is ‘flattering’ and stretchy spandex leggings are the only thing fat people can fit into??? thanks). I want to be able to buy the chic, cool, minimalistic things they sell at Zara and H&M in my damn size. Plus size clothes are UGLY so it just makes me so appreciative when companies offer size ranges larger than a fucking Large.

Whoo! I didn’t even mean to go off on a rant like that. Just kinda flowed from my fingertips. Plus size fashion just makes me very, very angry (and frankly offended) sometimes. Anyway, I bought the jacket in a 2x and I love it. I can even zip it up over my boobs. It’s a miracle.

Dress- Boohoo last year, similar here

Blouse- Addition Elle, similar here

Dirty disgusting comfortable amazing shoes: Keds 


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