Double Trouble

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Always the trend follower, that’s me. I’m just so into new and interesting and different things in fashion (borrowed from other decades of course) so obviously I jumped on this cami-over-tshirt thing. My friend Erica came over to my place just to hang one day, we weren’t planning on taking photos, but she showed up in the same shirt I was wearing (from Additionelle) and the same colour palette so we had to snap a few.

Um!!! Please don’t judge my hair!! I’ve since had it fixed, I no longer have golden¬†roots. I’m never doing my own hair again, honestly, I quit. It’s now a nice ombre grey thing.

My details:

Jumpsuit- Boohoo last year (similar here)

Shoes- Michael Kors (similar here and here)

Sweater- Addition Elle (similar here)

Bucket bag- Forever 21 (similar)

Erica’s Details:

Bag- Mackage (borrowed from MOI)

Vest- AdditionElle (similar here)

Boots- Addition Elle

2 comments on “Double Trouble
  1. Natalie says:

    Ohh! I love both your outfits! I really want to add more jumpsuits to my collection, this has inspired me!

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