Mint to Be- plus size ootd

08 12 16


Okay! One! Look how fucking tanned I am in these photos!!!! I’ve seriously never been so tanned in my whole life. I bought the FIFTH LIGHTEST foundation shade at Sephora the other day because I’m just way too dark for my regular foundation (which is always always the lightest shade available, which even is sometimes still too dark for me.)  

IMG_7356 IMG_7433 IMG_7463 IMG_7459 IMG_7461 (1) IMG_7462 IMG_7464

I haven’t even self-tanned AT ALL. I’ve just been hanging outside a lot all summer in parks/pools/etc. I’ve been going on super long walks with the dog/(playing Pokemon Go ahem team valor) and I’ve just bronzed right up!!! (I’m still 463246 shades paler than everyone I know.) So, please excuse the peely chest burns in these photos. Beauty does not come easy. My body is so fucking itchy.

I dyed my hair mint! I get so bored with my hair so easily. I liked the blonde for a lil while but I had some Pravana pastels laying around and I just needed to try it out.

P.S Pretty sure I’ve used this title before? Oh well

Shoes- Keds (so so so comfortable honestly I’ll wear keds for the rest of my life and they fit my stupid wide feet. They come in a jillion colours and are on sale right now weeee)

Skirt- Honestly I can’t remember at all I think Etsy??

Top- Actually a (v v v v short) dress from Boohoo last year, similar top here from Addition Elle

Bag- Asos

Sunglasses- Forever 21

2 thoughts on “Mint to Be- plus size ootd

  1. Meg

    Ok you look incredible! What bra are you wearing?! I have such a hard time finding the right one esp for something where I need to bare my shoulders!

    1. allietheolive Post author

      Thank you! 🙂 It’s a strapless bra from AdditionElle- strapless bras are the worst in general but this one (even though it fits small in the band) isn’t bad!


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