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Summer Afternoons

07 14 16

IMG_0091 IMG_0093 IMG_0105 IMG_0109 IMG_0123 IMG_0146 IMG_0159 IMG_0179 IMG_0189 IMG_4604

I’m soooOOoo into this skirt. I bought it from here, and I would highly recommend. She makes it custom to fit your body perfectly. The top is from Addition Elle, though it’s been on sale for a while and I don’t think it’s available anymore. As soon as I saw the colour I was like yep, get in my closet. The shoes are from Forever 21 and I can only wear them for about ten minutes before my feet go numb because of my stUPID WIDE FEET. They’re cute though.

I leave tomorrow for New Brunswick! I’m a bridesmaid in my friend’s wedding. I’m super excited to get out of the city for a few days. Expect a couple seaside outfit posts~~~

Hope everyone is keeping cool. This summer is ridiculous. My upper lip is in a constant state of moistness.




07 08 16

IMG_4110 IMG_4111 IMG_4112 IMG_4114 IMG_4115 IMG_4117 IMG_4118 IMG_4119

Ugh… you guys. I’m the worst. It’s been a thousand years since I’ve posted- I’ve just been feeling so uninspired lately. I feel like every outfit I put on isn’t good enough to take a photo of. Not only that, but I have about 100 e-mails I need to respond to (if you’ve sent me an e-mail and I haven’t responded then please bare with me), I have a pile of bills I need to pay, I haven’t seen some of my friends in ages. I’m in a bit of a funk, I suppose. I’ve been doing that thing where instead of checking my inbox, or my mail, or my bank account, I just kind of ignore everything and pretend it’s all fine. Like that little comic of the cartoon dog in the house that’s on fire and he’s just like, EVERYTHING IS FINE 🙂 That’s me. I’m a terrible adult, basically.

I guess I’m just really really ready to move on with my life, career-wise. I’ve felt pretty stuck for a while and I think getting a real big adult job in something fashion-related will improve my life a whole bunch. I just want to work and type on a computer and touch fabrics and do whatever else fashion people do!!! I went to school for this stuff and I have so much knowledge and I’m ready to use it.

Is this my diary now? Sorry. Just giving excuses for my absence.

Dress- Boohoo

Shoes- Puma

TO hat- Peace Collective

Belt- from a different dress (from H&M if ya really wanna know)

I’m heading out to a really pretty beach this week to take some outfit photos so expect THAT, pretty soon. In the mean time, I update my instagram pretty much every day if you want to stay updated! It’s ailurophilewithstyle.

Talk soon friendos.