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Pink Lace

05 24 16

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Okay so this is me TRYING to take sexy lingerie photos (you guys sick of my boobs yet?) but my dog is fricking obsessed with me so it was impossible to get any shots without him in them. He’s constantly at my side. I had to throw his toy and snap a few photos while he was chasing it before he brought it back to me. What a hard life.

This sleep shirt/dress thing is from Addition Elle (as are the bra and panties), and it’s SO comfortable. I’m usually a 2x but I bought a 4x and it’s perfectly comfy and oversized. It’s a linen material so it keeps me super cool at night, since it’s been really hot lately (thank u baby jesus 4 summer finally).



Double Denim

05 18 16

IMG_1218 IMG_1219 IMG_1220 IMG_1221 IMG_1227 IMG_1228 IMG_1229 IMG_9162 IMG_1232 IMG_1233 IMG_9252Hey friendos! It’s been a little while. Whoops. I’ve been incredibly busy with work and freelance styling and STILL trying to pack up my old apartment. Paying for two places is really fun!!!!!! (it’s not.)

The weather here in Toronto has been so weird. February and March were ridiculously warm, April was quite hot, and now May is basically freezing. It snowed the other day. Cool. So I thought this denim dress from H&M was a pretty solid purchase, since it has long sleeves for the cold days that can also be rolled up on the hot days. I just want hot days. Please, mother nature.

One of my besties Erica from Erica Exposed (“I’m not wearing any underwear today. I can’t bend over or else I’ll REALLY be Erica Exposed”) is wearing a new dress from Addition Elle and Christian Siriano shoes by Payless (sold out. Ugh.) My Shoes are also from Payless (both pairs are wide fit for our fat girl feet), and the dress is from H&M (similar here). Both of our rings are from Addition Elle.

I promise I’ll post more often now that the weather is HOPEFULLY going to improve.