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03 08 16

IMG_8420 IMG_8421 IMG_8418 IMG_8419 IMG_8417WELL, its been a little bit since I’ve posted. Because we MOVED. This is in my new bedroom with our new dog (what the fuck? we got a dog. okay. his name is Petrie and he’s a demon.)

We now live in Old Town Toronto which is really only a five minute drive from where we lived before, in the Gay Village, but it’s a totally different atmosphere. It was sort of an impulse thing. I got my old place 5 years ago, and there were just so many memories in that apartment- my ex boyfriend and I bought it together (and he moved out six months later), I lived there when my mom died, when her dog died, and when my Lola died. It was too sad of a place. So now we live in this bitchin condo and my old place is on the market. Want to buy it from me? Please buy it from me.

I like this outfit because it’s kind of boring. It’s just jeans and a tshirt. But I feel like fat people are sometimes seen as lazy if they dress like this? Whereas skinny girls in jeans and a white tee will have 100000000 notes on tumblr. It’s kind of a bullshit double standard- sometimes when I’m putting on clothes for a blog post I feel the need to over-accessorize or add a pair of heels that I normally wouldn’t really wear. But mostly, in real life, I just dress like this. And in pajamas. A lot of pajamas are involved.

These Forever 21 jeans are amazingly comfortable- a 20 fits me perfectly- and I live in these tshirts from Addition Elle. They’re the softest, comfiest, most flattering (ugh sorry hate that word but it’s true) and they come in like 80 colours (more like 7ish but whatever ok)

Shoes- Michael Kors

Jeans- Forever 21+

Shirt- Additi0n Elle

Toronto Hat- Peace Collective

New Glasses- Kam Dhillon

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