Monthly Archives: March 2016

Spring Lingerie

It’s finally spring!!! Addition Elle has some really gorgeous bra and panty sets right now in the loveliest spring colours. I was in the stock room the other day grabbing something for a customer when I saw this bra. “Are

Forever 21+

The coolest thing happened: Forever 21+ contacted me about a blog post. They wanted to send me an outfit of my choice and have me post about it, aka, holy shit that makes me feel really cool and important. These

My interview with Tess Holliday

I was lucky enough to be invited to the PenningtonsxTess Holliday collection reveal party last night, where I got to hang out with all my Toronto blogger friends, eat some food, and drink some wine. Also I got to hang

Hands in my pockets

WELL, its been a little bit since I’ve posted. Because we MOVED. This is in my new bedroom with our new dog (what the fuck? we got a dog. okay. his name is Petrie and he’s a demon.) We now

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