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I know this is a blog about fashion and what I wear and where I travel, but it’s also about my life in general. I feel weird going ahead and putting up outfit posts without first making a post about Lola, my cat who died a few days ago. She was 20 and she was the absolute best part of my life for all the years that I had her. We got her when I was six, and she’s lived with me in every house I’ve ever lived in- all 6 of them. She was with me all throughout elementary school, and middle school bullying and high school drama. All my boyfriends met her, all my friends knew her (and she hated them all because she was the most horribly grumpy little creature), she was with me when my mom died and she was the only reason I got through that. At my mom’s funeral, my fifth grade bff’s mom came and heard me talking about lola to one of my friends. I just remember her face and her saying, “that Lola?! She’s still alive??” I have a #lolathedemoncat hashtag on my instagram- we all joked that she was staying alive just to spite everyone, by stealing people’s souls and feeding off of them because she was the grumpiest little gremlin creature. I got a tattoo of her little face on my elbow last summer, and it always mad me so happy to tell people about her whenever they asked about it. She was always so, so small- when she ran away for a few weeks when I was 10 and she got pregnant, she had ONE kitten. Because she was secretly a human. She made the weirdest little noises you’ve ever heard a cat make- she would literally scream at you if she wanted something. She was seriously my dumb little rock and I loved her like she was my child. I don’t remember my life without her and It’s so unbelievably shitty and unfair that my life is just going to continue on without her in it. I just want to share some photos of her and have them on the internet forever and have other people bask in her cuteness because it’ll make me feel a little better. She’s the top middle cat with the pink bow on my blog banner. Give it a little pat pat on your screen.

unspecified-1 unspecified-3

this was.. 2009? My first apartment, we used to lay on the living room floor and tan.


pillows were her favourite place to sleep and she did not like to share.


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unspecifiedFullSizeRender (2)

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Rest in peace my stupid sweet little angel xo

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  1. Buttercup Rocks

    Long time lurker here. Lola was adorable and my heart goes out to you. I know how awful it feels to lose a brilliant cat. And how weird is it that the crankier they are, the more we end up loving them? My Dweezil will be 17 this year and is just starting to look like an old guy. It will kill me when he goes.

    Your style is awesome by the way.


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