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SNOW, YOU GUYS. Finally. It’s about a month late (would’ve been nice during Christmas), but what can you do. I love snow- just not the cold that comes with it. It was probably about negative twenty today. Literally unbearable.

So, this outfit was kind of impractical blah bLAH b lahnlahnblah. I only put it on to take photos and go to the grocery store anyway. The rest of the day I was snuggled in my bed with my electric blanket that I just bought from Amazon aka the best purchase I have ever made.

Also, I just want to talk about these jeans for a second- If you have big hips and a big bum but a smaller waist in comparison, YOU MUST TRY THESE JEANS. They are the most comfortable and byoo-tiful high-ish waisted jeans in the universe. (The ‘Curvy’ style is for people with smaller waists and bigger hips, but they also carry the ‘Shaped’ style for people with bigger tummies.) I think it may be kind of against the rules a little bit for me to rave about these pants, since I work at Addition Elle,  but I’m just tryin to SPREAD THE WORD HERE.

Boots- asos

Jeans- Addition Elle

Coat- New Look (I bought it last year, but similar here)

Hat- Acne

Shirt- Fashion to Figure (gifted to me in some blogger mail- thanks guys! <3)

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