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Cat Lady

01 31 16

IMG_7602 IMG_7604 IMG_7607 IMG_7614 IMG_7618 IMG_7628 IMG_7629 IMG_7636 IMG_7596

I am definitely 100% the biggest cat lady I’ve ever known. I grew up with cats, my mom and I always had at least one in the house, and my boyfriend and I currently have 4- we had 5 until a few months ago when we had to put down my boyfriend’s 15 year old baby Joe :(. I thought this was a fitting post to put up as I’m currently sitting here worrying my head off about Lola, my little baby. Yesterday was her 20th birthday and she spent it in the hospital. She’s having kidney failure and the vets are doing everything they can to help her get back to normal. I know she’s old but she’s my literal child and I don’t know what I’d do without her so please send some good kitty vibes!

Anyway, as usual, I was freezing my tits off during this little photo session but you gotta suffer for fashion sometimes. I went to work right after this and spent the whole day there indoors, so it was fiiiiiiine. Until I had to walk home.

P.S, if you decide to make a circle skirt like this one, please don’t choose a muslin-y type cotton fabric. i spent FORTY FIVE MINUTES steaming it and it was still wrinkly as heck. This has been a PSA.

Shoes- Addition Elle (hella sold out because, like, it’s winter)

Skirt- DIY

Top- Modcloth (also sold out I apologize profusely)

Cardigan- Old Navy (similar here– the online plus size selection at old navy is DESPICABLE)

Coat- Boohoo (Bad news: I tried to find it on the website but it is ALSO NO LONGER THERE. Good/more bad news: I just spent like $200 on new clothes from them while I was trying to find the coat)


Shades of Grey

01 26 16

IMG_7527 IMG_7528 IMG_7536 IMG_7532 IMG_7547 IMG_7540  IMG_7584 IMG_7579 IMG_7587

I got this Forever 21 sweater dress from New York when I went with my best friend and my boyfriend in the summer (hands up if you wish it were July right now). It’s finally cold enough to wear it- I haven’t really had a chance to yet, since 1. It’s been a super mild winter so far and 2. I used to not be able to wear anything long-sleeved indoors without sweating like a pregnant woman. Long story short, I recently got Botox in my forehead for my hyperhydrosis (a condition where your face sweats like a little demon creature 24/7), and I sweat way less now! I can actually wear foundation and stuff without it sliding off after eight and a half seconds (the Botox paralyzes the sweat glands or something blahblah science I dunno man)

These Acne boots I also got from Holt Renfrew (a Canadian high end department store) while my friend worked there THEREFORE I got them for 50% off. Smug emirky emoji. I’m still terrified to wear them outdoors though because they’re like the most beautiful and luxurious things my feet have ever touched. Except for my own body when I sit cross legged. ?

Purse- Marc Jacobs

Dress- Forever 21+ (link leads to the Canadian website- the American website doesn’t have it anymore but this is sort of similar?? Sort of?)

Boots- Acne Studios



01 19 16

IMG_7425 IMG_7442 IMG_7455 IMG_7424 IMG_7448 IMG_7480 IMG_7470 IMG_7516 IMG_7469

SNOW, YOU GUYS. Finally. It’s about a month late (would’ve been nice during Christmas), but what can you do. I love snow- just not the cold that comes with it. It was probably about negative twenty today. Literally unbearable.

So, this outfit was kind of impractical blah bLAH b lahnlahnblah. I only put it on to take photos and go to the grocery store anyway. The rest of the day I was snuggled in my bed with my electric blanket that I just bought from Amazon aka the best purchase I have ever made.

Also, I just want to talk about these jeans for a second- If you have big hips and a big bum but a smaller waist in comparison, YOU MUST TRY THESE JEANS. They are the most comfortable and byoo-tiful high-ish waisted jeans in the universe. (The ‘Curvy’ style is for people with smaller waists and bigger hips, but they also carry the ‘Shaped’ style for people with bigger tummies.) I think it may be kind of against the rules a little bit for me to rave about these pants, since I work at Addition Elle,  but I’m just tryin to SPREAD THE WORD HERE.

Boots- asos

Jeans- Addition Elle

Coat- New Look (I bought it last year, but similar here)

Hat- Acne

Shirt- Fashion to Figure (gifted to me in some blogger mail- thanks guys! <3)


Happy Holidays

01 06 16

WOW. HI GUYS. I have been, so incredibly slacking with blogging lately. The holidays were a crazy blur of busy-ness- uh, happy 2016 I guess?

BUT I’M BACK ON THE BLOGGIN’ WAGON and I’ll be trying to post at least a couple times a week from now on. For now, here are some photos that Jess and I took for part two of our collab with Yours Clothing! They sent us everything we’re wearing (except the shoes) so a big thanks to them. I hope everyone had a great Christmas :). Part 3 of the collab will be up shortly!


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