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Hey, Gorgeous.

11 26 15

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When Jess and I were in New York for Fashion Week in September (how was that two months ago???) we got a chance to visit the Hey Gorgeous headquarters/showroom. We hung out with Aimee (the president of the company who is also Canadian, holla) and Ashby (who just started her own fashion blog, and she’s adorable, so take a look). We tried on clothes including these fucking. amazing. cape dresses, and snapped a few photos. I’ve seriously never felt cuter in a dress in my whole existence. I bought it straight from the showroom. Whoops. (it’s still on the site and it also comes in navy.)

Ashby my lil Brooklyn Buddy reached out to me about a holiday promotion that they’re doing- you guys can use the code ALLIEHOLIDAY25 and get 25% off your whole order on the site! Yeee. Spoiler alert, I get store credit every time someone uses my code- I’m not the type of blogger who wants to hide things from her readers, or endorse a brand they’re not into. I’m in love with approximately 6368370 pieces and I want them all, so.

Check out Hey Gorgeous and get 25% off and I’LL TALK TO YA GUYS SOON

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