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Hey, Gorgeous.

11 26 15

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When Jess and I were in New York for Fashion Week in September (how was that two months ago???) we got a chance to visit the Hey Gorgeous headquarters/showroom. We hung out with Aimee (the president of the company who is also Canadian, holla) and Ashby (who just started her own fashion blog, and she’s adorable, so take a look). We tried on clothes including these fucking. amazing. cape dresses, and snapped a few photos. I’ve seriously never felt cuter in a dress in my whole existence. I bought it straight from the showroom. Whoops. (it’s still on the site and it also comes in navy.)

Ashby my lil Brooklyn Buddy reached out to me about a holiday promotion that they’re doing- you guys can use the code ALLIEHOLIDAY25 and get 25% off your whole order on the site! Yeee. Spoiler alert, I get store credit every time someone uses my code- I’m not the type of blogger who wants to hide things from her readers, or endorse a brand they’re not into. I’m in love with approximately 6368370 pieces and I want them all, so.

Check out Hey Gorgeous and get 25% off and I’LL TALK TO YA GUYS SOON


Have a Holly Jolly Christmas

11 16 15

IMG_6905 IMG_6924 IMG_6925 IMG_6909 IMG_6959 IMG_6948 IMG_6951 IMG_6961 IMG_6966 IMG_6977 IMG_6986 IMG_7037 IMG_7039

If you think mid-November is too early for Christmas themed EVERYTHING, then you’re wrong. I am such a freak for Christmas- I get in the spirit so hard. When Yours Clothing contacted my lovely babe Jessica and I about doing a collab, we obviously immediately thought: holiday themed. We picked a few outfits for the collab, the first being these dresses by Scarlett & Jo. How much do they scream “holiday party”??? (they scream it loud, right in your face.) They’re so pretty and vintage looking- I felt like a glam little princess.

Stay tuned for more collab twinsie outfits from us! (In case you’re wondering, I didn’t find my camera charger. I bought a new one. Pretty sure I left it in New York, along with my heart.)



11 02 15

IMG_0080 IMG_0096 IMG_0097 IMG_0098 IMG_0181 IMG_0145

Hey friendos! I’m making a total of two faces in this photoset, I just noticed. Cool.

Sorry I’ve been away for a bit. I’ve been having a rough time with LIFE, ya know how it can be. Sometimes life is rougher than other times. Thanksgiving without my mom (or any other family) was very hard, and then I had to put my dog down, who was kind of my last remaining living bit of my mom. He was her baby. Then I broke my jaw and needed surgery, while still working and going to school, and it was Toronto fashion week so I had to go to all the shows as ‘Media’, so stuff has been really hard for me! But everything seems to slowly be getting better. Not that Toronto fashion week was bad, it was amazing. Just very busy.

I’m putting this post up mainly because I don’t know where my stupid camera charger is- I have so many cute fall outfits to post but I CANNOT SHOOT THEM. I’m going to have to thoroughly search my apartment one day soon. Until then, here are a few photos from our airbnb back when I was in New York for fashion week. Don’t judge the amount of Old Navy, thanks.

Pants- Old Navy (similar here)

Sweater- Old Navy (similar here)

Shoes- Addition Elle