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Home is Toronto

10 08 15

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Can I get a h*ck yeah for my butt in that third photo? And for this little indian summer we’re having? I feel like every year in Toronto it’s stupidly cold at the beginning of October and then around the middle/end, I’m totally able to swim in my outdoor pool and blast the AC. Not complaining. The Canadian winter is coming (Ned Stark voice). ANyway, I was sweltering a bit in this jacket, but I wore it to class anyway because it compLETED THE ENSEMBLE. Gotta look good for fashun skewl.

Boots- asos last year (similar here and here)

Jeans and Jacket– Forever 21+

Tshirt– Peace Collective

Sunglasses- Ray Ban Prescription

Bag- Marc Jacobs

Outfits - Travel

Pictures of my self, self, self

10 01 15

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I’m going to toot my own horn here and say that this shirt was the best thing about NYFW (I’m joking. Not really.) It’s a SHIRT with my own FACE ON IT. It’s perfect for someone as narcissistic as me and other than the wonky shoulder making my face look like something out of The Chrysalids, I love it a whole bunch.

This was the… second last day of my New York trip? It was the day of the Addition Elle holiday collection runway show which was, as expected, really good. A lot of the lingerie is already in stores (like the Ashley Graham collection). I happen to work at Addition Elle and I see the stuff on hangers basically every day, so it was really cool to see it walk down the runway on an actual human.

Skirt – Addition Elle (how appropriate) (it’s on mega sale and it runs very large, FYI!)

Shoes- sold out at Addition Elle, similar here

Top- made my own design and put it on a crop top, from PAOM

FAT necklace- H&M build-your-own necklace kit