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Fashion to Figure FW15

09 24 15

SO GUYS, While I was in New York, I got a chance to visit the Fashion to Figure headquarters/showroom with Jessica. It’s an adorable space near the Garment District and everyone was so, so nice. We were able to take a sneak peek of ABOUT A MILLION pieces that will be available on their website, coming out October- December.

I’m not just saying this because they let me come visit their super cool space: I really, really liked most of the new garments. I took approximately a jillion photos of my favourite pieces to show you guys so WITHOUT FURTHER ADO:

IMG_0436 IMG_0236

The company was founded by two of Lane Bryant’s great grandsons.



I was JUST saying to Jess the day before how everyone is selling a faux fur vest now. Literally every store. Home Dept is going to start selling faux fur vests, I guarantee it. I find them cute but they’re all so boring because they’re either black or some version of brown/grey. This one, though, is so unique because of it’s really cool greenish colour. So good for fall.

IMG_0359 IMG_0362 IMG_0247

I’m obsessed with heathered grey anything. 100% buying this pencil skirt. I love the stitching so much- it could be super casual or really easily dressed up.

IMG_0251 IMG_0256

These suede pieces (3/4 length sleeve top and matching midi skirt) are so perfect for fall/this weird 70’s revival thing going on right now. I love coords and these are super affordable.



IMG_0270 IMG_0343

This acid wash dress (and the lighter blue one below) are ADORABLE and they’re actually available on the website right now. They were the first things I noticed when I was shown the collections.

IMG_0345 IMG_0352 IMG_0350 IMG_0328 IMG_0407

Anything faux leather I’m totally on board with.

IMG_0284 IMG_0389

I want to buy this and wear it with black pantyhose and a leather jacket and listen to Nirvana. I love the subtle high/low hem (I HATE high/low hems but I love them when they’re small. Yanno what I mean?)

IMG_0390 IMG_0383


IMG_0423 IMG_0431

A quote by Lane Bryant that inspired the name of the company.


IMG_0433 IMG_0413 IMG_0414

Thank you so much to Fashion to Figure for letting us visit! xo

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