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Eatin’ Treats, Walkin’ Down Streets

08 27 15

IMG_6660 IMG_6650 IMG_6665 IMG_6637 IMG_6626 11705346_10153118448645835_1295776097831476685_n


These are basically a bunch of photos of me eating stuff in New York city in the same outfit. This was our second day there- we wandered around the East Village (Photos 1, 2, 3), Soho (Photos 4 and 5, eating a boozy popsicle at The Butcher’s Daughter), and we walked the High Line (Last photo, at Le Bain rooftop bar atop the High Line). I feel like I’ve never used the word ‘atop’ in my life.

Le Bain was such an amazing place- I’ve been wanting to go for a few years now. They open at 2pm, so Riley and I were first in (a very long) line to go up. An elevator ride and approximately a jillion stairs later we were up at the bar without my fancy DSLR camera because I wasn’t allowed to BRING IT. Stupid. So I was running around posing while Riley took photos of me on my iPhone (which is why the quality of the last photo is kind of shit). I wanted to get cute photos before too many people came up but it filled up in about 0.3 seconds. I had so many nice pictures on my phone, but it died a few days ago (thanks Apple) and I lost basically all my New York pictures- luckily this one was on Facebook already.

I apologize for wearing basically the same bag and shoes in most of my recent photos- I had a small suitcase with me and brought what I could. lol jk the suitcase was huge but most of the shoes I brought were comfortable walking ones, like that horrible black pair that I’m in love with.

Shirt- Addition Elle

Purse, Shoes- Asos

Skirt- The Tutu Experience



Outfits - Travel

Premium Candy

08 20 15

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Did I ever think I’d be taking outfit photos in a drug store? Not really. This Duane Reade in Soho was right by me and Hailie’s hotel (the NoMo SoHo, which was amazing fyi). When I visited her in England last year, we made a quick tradition of eating at Pret a Manger (a chain restaurant that I’m pretty sure they have in every country BUT Canada.) We’d eat there, like, probably twice a day every day. We called each other our Pret Partners. Duane Reade quickly became the Pret of our NYC trip- need breakfast? Duane Reade. Need booze (which we did often)? Duane Reade. Need school supplies (????) Duane Reade. Oop, it’s 9am, better get up and go get some Duane Reade snacks. What an exhausting morning, better go have a little lie-down.

Anyway, I thought this outfit would look cute in florescent lighting. Dunno. I’ve gone back to 1994 and you can’t stop me.

Top- H&M Men’s

Skirt and Necklace- Forever 21

Horrible ugly but very very comfortable shoes that kind of look like Toms so I’m okay with it- Call it Spring

Purse- asos

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Top of the Rock

08 18 15

IMG_6674 IMG_6676 IMG_6680

We hate tourists, even though we are tourists.

IMG_6682 IMG_6690 IMG_6693 IMG_6698 IMG_6702 IMG_6725 IMG_6740 IMG_6741 IMG_6747 IMG_6751I’m back from New York, my best friend Hailie has gone back to England, and I’m PRETTY BITTER about it all. This touristy-as-heck day (our third day there?) was so, so much fun. I decided to 90’s it up a bit (I’ve been really into dressing super 90’s lately) and wear some comfy double denim. You’ll notice I’m wearing two different pairs of shoes- the white ones are way cuter, but the black ones are WAY more comfortable (though hideous.) I probably would’ve died without those black shoes- they’re the most comfortable things I’ve ever owned, so I shoved them in Riley’s backpack and changed into them whenever my feet started to hurt.

I love these pictures because they’re candid (except for my resting bitch face outfit posing photos) and they’re with the two people I love most in this world.

Pants and tank top- Addition Elle

White Shoes- Keds

Black Shoes- Call it Spring (honestly, if you need a comfortable pair of shoes, they are AMAZING and they sort of look like Toms but way uglier and cheaper.)

Vest- DIY, made from an old denim dress of my mom’s

Chenille ‘Whatever’ patch- World Famous Original

Bag- YSL


Outfits - Travel

New York City part 2

08 11 15

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New York has been amazing so far. I’m kind of putting up these outfit photos in the wrong order- yesterday Riley, his friend, me, and my best friend Hailie went to Times Square, Central Park, Top of the Rock, etc. All the touristy shit. And I took outfit photos there. Riley left this morning to go back home to Toronto (and I miss him already because I am a vagina), so today Hailie and I walked around Soho and shopped a bit. When Hailie was taking these photos of me on the street, this middle-aged lady stopped and literally stared at me the entire time, then she pulled out her iphone and started taking photos of me as well. AS IF I’M FAMOUS OR SOMETHING. It was hilarious. She was probably like welp, I have no idea who this fat girl is but I might as well snap some pictures in case she’s someone important. She’ll probably reverse google image search me when she gets home, or google “fat model nyc” “purple haired girl in soho” “weird little british photographer”. Sorry, lady, I’m really not that important.

Shoes- asos

Dress- Forever 21 (the one in Times Square)

Necklace- H&M

Bag- Marc Jacobs