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This Fendi Karlito bag accessory is my greatest achievement. I wanted one, really badly, but couldn’t bring myself to spend thousands of dollars on a glorified keychain when I can barely afford lunch sometimes (not that you could ever tell hahahahahahahaha fat joke). SO I MADE ONE out of bits of leather, faux fur, doll hair and other doll-making bits (all bought from Michael’s). Pretty proud of myself.

I’m posting this like an hour after these photos were taken, and it’s disgusting out. It’s so so hot. If you look closely you can see sweat literally dripping into my mouth. Enjoy that.

Skirt, Flats: AdditionElle

Clutch: New Look

Top, Sunglasses: Asos

Vest: Vintage, DIY

2 thoughts on “Karlito

  1. Jordyn

    Such a cute outfit! I love your style 🙂 not to mention your hair!! I wish we could go shopping together haha


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