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90’s baby

  I had such a good day today. Riley and I spent the day in Brampton, a city about 45 minutes away from Toronto. Some of you might not know that my mom died last year- her and I moved


This Fendi Karlito bag accessory is my greatest achievement. I wanted one, really badly, but couldn’t bring myself to spend thousands of dollars on a glorified keychain when I can barely afford lunch sometimes (not that you could ever tell

a Romp in my Romper

Going to Coachella! (just kidding. I just feel like this outfit belongs there. What is Coachella? isn’t it in.. May? dunno. I’m not hip like the Kylie Jenner.) Last time I wore this romper it was in Mexico, so now

Killin It

Guess who got a new tattoo (angel face emoji)? I’ve been wanting a tattoo of my cat Lola’s face for a while now (she’s 18, I’ve had her for WELL over half my life and she’s my angel baby.) It’s

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