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  I got this dress from H&M when I was shopping for jewelry one day. There’s no plus size section in Canadian H&M’s, so I usually just go there because I love their accessories, but sometimes I’ll find a gem

Balcony Hangin

    My friend Sarah lives in the condo building next to mine, so I hang out at her place a lot. Like every day. And often I’ll call my boyfriend and be all, “wave to me from the bedroom

You’ve Changed

  Today was a LOT nicer than last week- a lot sunnier and warmer, so excuse the faint hint of moisture on my upper lip- so Riley and I went and hung out in Parkdale. I live kind of far

Wet Tshirt Contest

  I had an appointment to get eyelash extensions this morning, so Riley and I spent the day wandering around Queen Street West near Ossington and Trinity Bellwoods Park (the second coolest neighbourhood in the world according to Vogue, dontcha

Untitled & Co x Ursa Major +

  A few months ago, Jess and I did a bit of modelling for our friend Amarina and Untitled & Co. We frolicked around in the cold, drank coffee, and stripped in the middle of open fields in order to


    Here’s a little throwback purple-haired post for you: at the time of writing this, I’m switching from mainly a tumblr-based blog to this fancy pantsy WordPress one, and switching over all the outfit posts is giving me a

Donut Worry

  So this stupid little clutch was FIVE DOLLARS on the New Look website a few months ago, down from $20. At first I was like, what the hell am I going to do with a donut clutch? And then

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