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06 29 15

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I got this dress from H&M when I was shopping for jewelry one day. There’s no plus size section in Canadian H&M’s, so I usually just go there because I love their accessories, but sometimes I’ll find a gem in a size Large that fits (sometimes even a size Small, to be honest.) The point is, you never know unless you try something on. Which I didn’t with this dress, so I’m a hypocrite. I just bought it and was like, I’m going to wear it even if my whole entire ass hangs out. Which is basically does.

Dress and purse- H&M

Shoes- New Look

Glasses- RayBan

Septum- asos




Balcony Hangin

06 24 15

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My friend Sarah lives in the condo building next to mine, so I hang out at her place a lot. Like every day. And often I’ll call my boyfriend and be all, “wave to me from the bedroom window!! I’m on the balcony!! Wearing the blue shirt!! I can see you, wave!!!” Because I’m a child. Most of the time I’ll just wear sweatpants or pajamas, let’s be honest, because she lives thirty seconds from me and I can’t be bothered to look cute. When she met me in my lobby after work this day, I got a warm reception of “Why did you put that stupid thing in your nose to just hang out with me?” (Nobody likes my fake septum ring. I love my fake septum ring.) SARAH, TO TAKE OUTFIT PHOTOS ON YOUR BALCONY, DUH. I’m trying to switch up my backdrops a little. I feel like my roof was getting boring.

So here’s a boring and casual but comfy outfit that I wore for an afternoon of beer-drinking and cat-petting (because I don’t do that enough at my own house?)

Top- Boohoo

Pants- Addition Elle

Shoes- asos


You’ve Changed

06 16 15

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Today was a LOT nicer than last week- a lot sunnier and warmer, so excuse the faint hint of moisture on my upper lip- so Riley and I went and hung out in Parkdale. I live kind of far away from that area of Toronto- it’s a solid 30 minute streetcar ride. But it’s one of my favourite areas of the city so I go there a lot in the summer.

We took photos in front of this mural (one of my favourites in the city), then went and drank patio beer and had ridiculous amounts of poutine. #canada #canada #canada

I’m not… wearing anything from asos in this post?? I feel… sort of naked. Who am I? What have I become?

Shoes- New Look

Jumpsuit- Boohoo

Vest- Vintage

Bag- Mackage

Jewelry- H&M


Wet Tshirt Contest

06 09 15

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I had an appointment to get eyelash extensions this morning, so Riley and I spent the day wandering around Queen Street West near Ossington and Trinity Bellwoods Park (the second coolest neighbourhood in the world according to Vogue, dontcha know.) There’s this really cool mural right next to my eyelash place that I wanted to take pictures in front of, but the second I started posing, it started to POUR. We shoved my camera in my purse and ran to a coffee shop, but in the thirty seconds it took us to take cover we got completely soaked and were totally dripping. Since I was wearing a white shirt I gave everyone a nice little show for the rest of the day.

It kept raining on and off, so we went and got ice cream and found THIS cute little mural on Ossington. I’ll save the other one for a different day and a different post, hopefully when it’s a little sunnier.

Also, I got new glasses! They’re from RayBan and I love them. I broke my other ones by tripping on my palazzo pants on the way to Starbucks one morning. At least I got a free latte because the barista saw the whole thing and felt really bad for me. That was my plan all along.

Shirt, Skirt- asos

Shoes- New Look

Bag- Marc Jacobs