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Double Scoop

04 26 15

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I am STILL wearing my winter coat. Hi yeah Toronto where is spring please?

This mural is in ‘graffiti alley’ on Queen West, and although it’s been covered up a bit by STUPID TEENAGERS WITH SPRAY PAINT no doubt, it’s still cute as heck.

Top- New Look

Pants, Coat- asos

Shoes- Forever 21


City Sunset

04 20 15

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This is hopefully the last post I’ll be doing with me wearing a winter coat! It’s been so so warm lately but a couple days ago when I went to take these photos it was chilly as heck. COMMON SUMMER.

Coat, Pants- asos

Shoes- New Look wide fit

Purse- Nasty Gal

Hat, Necklace- H&M

Outfits - Travel


04 15 15

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My LAST MEXICO POST- I’ll go back to posting with chilly city backdrops now. This is a super boring outfit but it was hot and I was full of all-you-can-drink margaritas and all-you-can-eat crepes. What do you want from me? Also, I know everyone really wanted to see my feet up close like this. You’re so welcome.

Dress- asos

Shoes- Nike



World’s Flattest Butt

04 05 15

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I’m still in Mexico, as you can tell by the tank top, palm trees, and fluffiest hair in the world™. This Alexander Wang for H&M mesh bag was perfect for carrying my (stolen from my room) towels, phone, and sunscreen down to the beach. Also it’s cute as heck and I waited in line for five hours for the Wang x H&M release and this was one of the only things left in the store, so, I treasure it somewhat bitterly. Also there’s a couple small holes in my shirt. I’M ON VACATION.

Shoes, Pants: asos

Bathing suit underneath my tank top: H&M

Hole-y tank top: a moth’s nest, apparently

Bag: Alexander Wang x H&M