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Isla Mujeres

03 25 15

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Well the sun, humidity, salt and chlorine do some really interesting things to my hair. Not quite purple, not quite blond, not quite the colour of pee, but very very frizzy.

On this day we went to Isla Mujeres (‘Island of Women’- MY KIND OF ISLAND). It’s a ♥VERY PASTEL♥ fishing town about an hour boat ride from our resort. The best way to get around the island is by golf cart, apparently, so we rented one that was approximately 400 years old. I of course had to drive because my boyfriend has never driven anything in his life and I’ve had my license since I was 18. So while he sat back and relaxed I drove around this golf cart, going 30 km/h, on a main road surrounded by cars honking at/passing me. It was an experience. We did get to snorkel on the way there though, so that was really nice, and it’s also why I’m not wearing any makeup.

Pants and top- asos

Shoes- Call it Spring

Bag- Marc Jacobs


This is Where it’s At

03 22 15

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I seriously love my city so much. There is so much cool shit (which is definitely true for every city but I’m really biased.) This mural is behind the bar Rancho Relaxo on College Street where I’ve been known to get far too drunk and thrown out of several times when I was in my early 20’s.

This shirt is one of my favourites even though it’s only a size large, and my boobs therefore stretch it out so instead of “THAT’S AWESOME” it’s more like “T  H  A  T  S    A  W  E  S  O  M  E” but, what can you do. I love it paired with baggy high-waisted pants. I love anything paired with baggy high-waisted pants.

Top- H&M

Pants- asos

Shoes- Forever 21

Bag- Aldo

Blazer- Target


Valley of the Dolls

03 12 15

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I’m going to be honest and say that I only bought this book because the cover was cute. I was going to put it on display in my apartment and that was going to be that. I decided to take it to Mexico with me just for the heck of it and it’s actually SO GOOD. Definitely one of my new favourite books. I spent a good portion of my vacation lounging on our giant balcony drinking boozy pink milkshakes and reading. The rest of the time I spent eating. All inclusives, man.

Top- H&M men’s

Skirt and Shoes- asos

Fluffy ear buds- Nasty Gal

Sunglasses- UH China Town probably?


Telephone Box

03 07 15

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These photos are from my London trip last summer when I went to visit my best friend. I’m not sure why I never posted them- probably because I wear this outfit like every day and I’m ashamed.

My friend (Hailie) told me she would disown me if I bought this fanny pack (I spotted it in New Look in London and fell in love) but I bought it anyway and we’re no longer friends. Kidding. We know too many of each other’s secrets. We’re stuck for life.

Jeans and Top- asos

Fanny Pack (or bum bag as they say in England)- New Look

Trainers- Primark