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Pastel Christmas Party

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Pastel Christmas party looks otherwise known as holy shit it’s -2 degrees and I’m standing outside in a t-shirt dress.

My friend Pauliina was having a Christmas party, like an actual grown-up one, where everyone drinks wine and chats and brings hors d’oeuvres. We’re all 24 now, you know. Christmas parties don’t involve getting blackout drunk and sleeping with your friend’s ex boyfriend in his parent’s room, like they did in high school. What?

Just because it’s Christmas doesn’t mean I have to abandon my PASTEL AESTHETIC~, imo.

Everything is from Asos, as per usual. Everything. Can they hire me already?


Sweatpant Chic

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I’m not sure if I can express exactly how happy it makes me that sweatpants (if worn right) are considered chic nowadays. You mean I can sit around watching Netflix and then go out to a bar IN THE SAME PAIR OF PANTS? What a time to be alive. 2014 is the year of The Sweatpant.

Pants, Shoes- asos

Bag- New Look

Sweater- H&M approximately ten years ago



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I’m not yelling PENIS at you. I had to get this Alexander Wang x H&M sweatshirt on eBay for a STUPID amount of money, because even though I got up at 4am to wait in line for 5 hours for the store release, everything was sold out. But that’s another story for another day when I have a box of wine in my hand in which to drown my sorrows.

I’m also super into my hair this colour. I wish it could stay this colour and texture forever. Maybe I’ll just never shower again.

Skirt, Purse, and rabbit tail thing – asos

Boots- New Look

Sweatshirt- Alexander Wang