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Російській княгині

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It was totally warm enough for bare legs in Toronto yesterday but I still felt the need to bust out my Russian princess hat. And my wrinkly-as-heck skirt.

When I saw this hat on the asos website I immediately knew I needed it even though it doesn’t really fit my gigantic head. I owed it to the people on the Old Country. (I am actually Russian- I’m named Alexandra, after the Russian Queen.)

Also I wasn’t wearing underpants and it was really windy on my roof so you’re welcome, Yonge Street.

Hat, Coat and Shoes- asos

Skirt- Etsy

Sweater- H&M


Glitter Dandruff

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Before I say anything else can I just point out my BOMB ASS Photoshop skills in that last photo? I’m embarrassed for myself but I put glitter on my hair and it looked like dandruff in the photos so I decided I needed a bit of PHOTOSHOP MAGIC~~ (I don’t know how to use Photoshop.)

I was going for a Hayley Elsaesser at Toronto Fashion Week vibe, with the glitter hair, and I think I deserve an A for effort.

Coat, Skirt: asos

Sweater: H&M

Temporary tattoo: HartlandBrooklyn on etsy


Ashish x Topshop

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I’m a sucker for designer/retail store collabs. I LOVE Ashish and I wanted this top for ages but I wouldn’t let myself spend the money. Then while I was in New York with my friends I guess I was in a “I’m on vacation and I can splurge” mood, so I picked it up.

This skirt was also an amazing purchase- I got it for $5 at Primark when I was in England. I suppose it makes up for the price of the t-shirt? Seriously though, petition for Primark to come to Canada. It’s the best.

Top- Ashish x Topshop
Skirt- Primark
Boots- New Look
Jacket- asos


Alexander Wang x H&M

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Well. I woke up at 4am, waited in line for 5 hours, and all that was left of the Alexander Wang x H&M release was this top and a couple beach towels. HEARTBROKEN. I’m perusing eBay as we speak.

It’s still a nice top, though. It’s a size medium and it fits me fine, since everything in this collection is quite oversized. I thought it would be cute paired with some pastel sweats and a cap.

Pants- asos

Shirt- Alexander Wang x H&M

Cap- Nike

Trainers- Zara