Monthly Archives: November 2014

Російській княгині

  It was totally warm enough for bare legs in Toronto yesterday but I still felt the need to bust out my Russian princess hat. And my wrinkly-as-heck skirt. When I saw this hat on the asos website I immediately

Glitter Dandruff

Before I say anything else can I just point out my BOMB ASS Photoshop skills in that last photo? I’m embarrassed for myself but I put glitter on my hair and it looked like dandruff in the photos so I

Ashish x Topshop

  I’m a sucker for designer/retail store collabs. I LOVE Ashish and I wanted this top for ages but I wouldn’t let myself spend the money. Then while I was in New York with my friends I guess I was

Alexander Wang x H&M

  Well. I woke up at 4am, waited in line for 5 hours, and all that was left of the Alexander Wang x H&M release was this top and a couple beach towels. HEARTBROKEN. I’m perusing eBay as we speak.

Eye See Ya

  I saw this dress (/top) a while back on Instagram and fell in love. Then I saw in on Lena Dunham and immediately busted my ass over to Zara to pick it up. They only had size medium left,

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