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Fashion Week Day 4

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This is what I wore for Day 4 of Toronto Fashion Week (I didn’t really have time to snap photos of my outfits from the previous days. So much runnin’ around.) This day was the Caitlin Power show, and then afterparty. I LOVE afterparties because 1. open bar, hi and 2. everyone talks about fashion the whole time. My kind of people.

Pants- asos

Boots- New Look

Tshirt, Vest- H&M

Purse- YSL

also my hair is really bright now whoops


Don’t Look Back

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Alright, mama needs a new bra. Sag level 1000.

I’m kind of iffy about these pants. I loved them on the asos website, then I tried them on and hated them. Now I’m undecided. I think it’s just my body shape that makes them look weird? I’m not sure. Will get back to you. These booties though, as uncomfortable as they are, are cute as heck. Anything pointed-toe has my heart.

Pants, Booties and Jacket- asos

Tank top and Purse- H&M

Necklace- Nasty Gal