Hail Satin

img_1674 img_1689 img_1691 img_1693 img_1694 img_1695 img_1696 img_1697

It was unseasonably warm last week, so I took a little walk over to Crown Flora studio on Queen West last weekend. I “”””needed to buy some succulents””””” aka I really just wanted to take photos in front of their pink wall. (Still bought the succulents though.)

This jacket!!!!!! Tuesday Bassen made this illustration and sold it on society6 back in… 2012? 2013? Anyway, I had it hanging on the wall in my old apartment for years so when I had the chance to snag the ACTUAL JACKET from the illustration that she just started selling, I jumped on it. The best part is that it goes up to a 3x!!! Bless her soul for making a line of clothes that goes from XS-3X. I wish more retailers would do this. I’m sorry, but all I want is to be able to buy skinny person clothes… just in bigger sizes. Just because I’m fat doesn’t mean I want a shitty quality tshirt with ‘Live Love Laugh’ written on it or black leggings with a lace trim at the bottom (because black is ‘flattering’ and stretchy spandex leggings are the only thing fat people can fit into??? thanks). I want to be able to buy the chic, cool, minimalistic things they sell at Zara and H&M in my damn size. Plus size clothes are UGLY so it just makes me so appreciative when companies offer size ranges larger than a fucking Large.

Whoo! I didn’t even mean to go off on a rant like that. Just kinda flowed from my fingertips. Plus size fashion just makes me very, very angry (and frankly offended) sometimes. Anyway, I bought the jacket in a 2x and I love it. I can even zip it up over my boobs. It’s a miracle.

Dress- Boohoo last year, similar here

Blouse- Addition Elle, similar here

Dirty disgusting comfortable amazing shoes: Keds 


October Events part 3

This final post covers the CABINET ÉPHÉMÈRE popup shop opening VIP party. Several Canadian designers from Quebec and Ontario came together to showcase their new collections (I actually bought something- will reveal in an upcoming post.) I once again brought along my friend Kendra and we tried on clothes, chatted, and drank approximately 17 glasses of champagne.

img_1406What I wore to the event:

Boots- Acne Studios, similar (AND WAY CHEAPER) here (honestly those are so so so similar I want to barf) also here

Skirt- Addition Elle

Fringe vest- old H&M

Top- Addition Elle 

Bag- Mackage 

img_1414 img_1404what cutie pie kendra wore

img_1400we have matching mackage bags, hold your applause

img_1411 img_1394fur and leather from elama

img_1410 img_1412 img_1405one of the amazing designers from wrkdept

img_1407 img_1480

Thank you very very much for the invite Cabinet Ephemere! plus all the frenchy accents.


October Events- Part 2

Continuing on from my last post, I’ve gone to a couple of other events so far this month.

Breakfast with Sentaler

The lovely and beautiful ladies at Sentaler invited me to their showroom to view their FW16 collection (since it is now, officially, FW16), drink mimosas and eat some breakfast treats. Their coats are beautiful, go up to size XL (their cape/poncho coats fit much much bigger), and are made from 100% cruelty-free alpaca fur from the Peruvian Andes (the animal is sheared, not killed. It’s the softest material I’ve ever felt in my life).

img_0335 img_0343alpaca wool poncho coat- could easily fit up to a 4x and very warm

img_0325 literally EVERYTHING I’m wearing is from asos and it’s all from previous seasons I’m sorry I’m sorry

img_0309 img_0334 img_0333had to creep a photo of this girl’s outfit!!!! i’m terrifying!! in love with everything she’s wearin

img_1471 img_1472 img_1473 img_1474Thank you so much to Sentaler for the invite!


Villa Azur popup

So, I got an invitation from this Miami-based restaurant popup that was happening During the Toronto International Film Festival. They were having an all-white party to kick off the whole week- fun! I made my friend Kendra tag along (she’s the whole reason I ever started fashion blogging and she’s amazin so check her out). It wasn’t reeeeeally a fashion event per se but we looked cute nonetheless.

img_9812 img_9811 img_9810 img_9808 img_9806

Third and last post coming soon!


October Events part 1

October was previously the month of Toronto Fashion Week, an event I’d been attending (and loving) for the past couple years- until it was cancelled this year. And also forever. I was super bummed out by this news considering it was always the highlight of my month to see the new (spring and therefore hopefully pastel-filled??!) collections from my favourite Canadian designers like Mikhael Kale and Hayley Elsaesser. HOWEVER, I was lucky enough to be invited to several events this month (so far, there’s more comin up!!). I’m splitting these recap posts into threeeee posts, since I have 67395 photos to share.

Nordstrom Opening Gala

Canada’s FIRST EVER NORDSTROM (why did it take so long?? dunno) opened at Yonge/Dundas Square at the beginning of the month, and I was able to attend the opening gala. It included a BUNCH of hors d’oeuvres (sign me up), a bunch of open bars with different alcohol varieties (including a BEER VENDING MACHINE, double sign me up), a fashion show with models wearing the latest and greatest from designers like Alexander Wang and Burberry, and three floors of live music, shopping, and VIP’s dressed to impress.

img_0520Jumpsuit: Boohoo last year (similar here)

Boots- Asos last year (similar)

exposed Bra- Ashley Graham for Addition Elle

Sequin Cape- Asos (sold out)

img_0439The back of the cape says “ON THE LIST” in sequins yesssssSSs

img_0070 img_0458 img_0471 img_0456little bottles of sangria were one of the many adorable drink options

img_0173the tent at yonge dundas square where the fashion show took place, across the street from nordstrom itself

img_0451whole outfit: loewe

img_0452 img_0454sonia rykiel

img_1245alexander wang outfit- and i’m at the top right, sitting at the front haaaay

img_1238simone rocha

img_0326another angle because like DAMN

img_0288alexander wang

img_0487WHOOPSIES when you get open bar drunk and buy a kenzo clutch


Eligible Magazine & Softlips Presents: Bachelor Party

Okay so, this one was less of a fashion event and more of a girls-peeing-their-pants event. But I still thought it was worth a mention since I got to hang out with Vinny, Jared and Robbie from The Bachelor/The Bachelorette/ Bachelor in Paradise. THERE WAS SO MUCH VAGINA IN THE ESTABLISHMENT.

img_0770my friend elaine and i talking to jared of the ashley i. fandom

img_0605my pal ama with robbie in the best photo ever taken of two humans

img_0039 img_0781stay classy. 


Double Trouble

img_0588 img_0645 img_0653 img_0657 img_0649 img_0659 img_0660 img_0661 img_0662

Always the trend follower, that’s me. I’m just so into new and interesting and different things in fashion (borrowed from other decades of course) so obviously I jumped on this cami-over-tshirt thing. My friend Erica came over to my place just to hang one day, we weren’t planning on taking photos, but she showed up in the same shirt I was wearing (from Additionelle) and the same colour palette so we had to snap a few.

Um!!! Please don’t judge my hair!! I’ve since had it fixed, I no longer have golden roots. I’m never doing my own hair again, honestly, I quit. It’s now a nice ombre grey thing.

My details:

Jumpsuit- Boohoo last year (similar here)

Shoes- Michael Kors (similar here and here)

Sweater- Addition Elle (similar here)

Bucket bag- Forever 21 (similar)

Erica’s Details:

Bag- Mackage (borrowed from MOI)

Vest- AdditionElle (similar here)

Boots- Addition Elle

Fuzzy Slippers

img_1100 img_9512 img_9519 img_9516 img_1101 img_9521 img_0738

Whoa-hoa-hoa. Look who’s posting twice in one week?! Feelin’ like I have my shit together. While I sit on my couch in my pajamas drinking coffee at 4:30pm. BABY STEPS.

Please forgive my chipped toenail polish in that last photo, I have zero excuses other than the fact that fall is coming (going to go jump off my roof the first day it dips below 68 degrees probably) and my feet will soon be hidden in boots for the next several months. The sun is supposed to set at 6:59 tonight. WHY. NO. WINTER IS COMING. I’M NOT OKAY WITH THIS.

Going to wear these sandals for as long as possible this fall. I’m pretty embarrassed about the purchase to be honest, because I do NOT think they look cool on me, but I guess I’ll just have to embrace my identity as an annoying embarrassing white girl who wears Fenty’s and sings ‘Work’ sometimes even though she really, really should not. I love you Rihanna. I’m sorry.

Jeans- asos

Top- Forever 21, similar here and here

Bag- Forever 21, similar here

Denim top- thrifted

Absolutely No Parking

img_0600 img_0612 img_0557 img_0624 img_8074 img_8076 img_8088 img_8089 img_8090

These photos were taken… 3 weeks ago? You can tell because if you look at me now, I’m about 18 shades lighter. Took me 3 moths to get a tan, took a week for it to fade. Pale problems.

DAMN THOUGH, look at this jumpsuit. It’s pretty much everything I look for in a garment. Comfy, oversized, denim, a little 90’s looking. The only thing I don’t love about it is that I need to get someone to undo the zipper in the back every time I have to pee. But like, I can hold it. Whatever.

P.S My pinky leafy tropical nails were HAND PAINTED at Sparks Salon in Toronto. The artist, Miki, is brilliant.

Jumpsuit- asos (I sized up for that super oversized look, though it is oversized anyway)

Shoes- asos (every time I wear them I get at least… one compliment. At LEAST one.)

Choker, bag, sunglasses: Forever 21 ages ago

Mint to Be

IMG_7355 IMG_7356 IMG_7433 IMG_7463 IMG_7459 IMG_7461 (1) IMG_7462 IMG_7464

Okay! One! Look how fucking tanned I am in these photos!!!! I’ve seriously never been so tanned in my whole life. I bought the FIFTH LIGHTEST foundation shade at Sephora the other day because I’m just way too dark for my regular foundation (which is always always the lightest shade available, which even is sometimes still too dark for me.)  I haven’t even self-tanned AT ALL. I’ve just been hanging outside a lot all summer in parks/pools/etc. I’ve been going on super long walks with the dog/(playing Pokemon Go ahem team valor) and I’ve just bronzed right up!!! (I’m still 463246 shades paler than everyone I know.) So, please excuse the peely chest burns in these photos. Beauty does not come easy. My body is so fucking itchy.

I dyed my hair mint! I get so bored with my hair so easily. I liked the blonde for a lil while but I had some Pravana pastels laying around and I just needed to try it out.

P.S Pretty sure I’ve used this title before? Oh well

Shoes- Keds (so so so comfortable honestly I’ll wear keds for the rest of my life and they fit my stupid wide feet. They come in a jillion colours and are on sale right now weeee)

Skirt- Honestly I can’t remember at all I think Etsy??

Top- Actually a (v v v v short) dress from Boohoo last year, similar top here from Addition Elle

Bag- Asos

Sunglasses- Forever 21

Summer Afternoons

IMG_0091 IMG_0093 IMG_0105 IMG_0109 IMG_0123 IMG_0146 IMG_0159 IMG_0179 IMG_0189 IMG_4604

I’m soooOOoo into this skirt. I bought it from here, and I would highly recommend. She makes it custom to fit your body perfectly. The top is from Addition Elle, though it’s been on sale for a while and I don’t think it’s available anymore. As soon as I saw the colour I was like yep, get in my closet. The shoes are from Forever 21 and I can only wear them for about ten minutes before my feet go numb because of my stUPID WIDE FEET. They’re cute though.

I leave tomorrow for New Brunswick! I’m a bridesmaid in my friend’s wedding. I’m super excited to get out of the city for a few days. Expect a couple seaside outfit posts~~~

Hope everyone is keeping cool. This summer is ridiculous. My upper lip is in a constant state of moistness.



IMG_4110 IMG_4111 IMG_4112 IMG_4114 IMG_4115 IMG_4117 IMG_4118 IMG_4119

Ugh… you guys. I’m the worst. It’s been a thousand years since I’ve posted- I’ve just been feeling so uninspired lately. I feel like every outfit I put on isn’t good enough to take a photo of. Not only that, but I have about 100 e-mails I need to respond to (if you’ve sent me an e-mail and I haven’t responded then please bare with me), I have a pile of bills I need to pay, I haven’t seen some of my friends in ages. I’m in a bit of a funk, I suppose. I’ve been doing that thing where instead of checking my inbox, or my mail, or my bank account, I just kind of ignore everything and pretend it’s all fine. Like that little comic of the cartoon dog in the house that’s on fire and he’s just like, EVERYTHING IS FINE 🙂 That’s me. I’m a terrible adult, basically.

I guess I’m just really really ready to move on with my life, career-wise. I’ve felt pretty stuck for a while and I think getting a real big adult job in something fashion-related will improve my life a whole bunch. I just want to work and type on a computer and touch fabrics and do whatever else fashion people do!!! I went to school for this stuff and I have so much knowledge and I’m ready to use it.

Is this my diary now? Sorry. Just giving excuses for my absence.

Dress- Boohoo

Shoes- Puma

TO hat- Peace Collective

Belt- from a different dress (from H&M if ya really wanna know)

I’m heading out to a really pretty beach this week to take some outfit photos so expect THAT, pretty soon. In the mean time, I update my instagram pretty much every day if you want to stay updated! It’s ailurophilewithstyle.

Talk soon friendos.

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